Projector Repairing Course

Projector Repairing Course in Delhi is provided by Indian Institute of  Computer & Mobile Technology  to a very affordable price and it is one such as projector institute in Delhi India that is known for its successful candidates all over the country. There are also various other technical courses thatIndian Institute of Computer & Mobile Technology provides the students all over the country.

  •  Projector Motherboard Information
  •  Projector Motherboard Basic Electronic
  •  Projector Dead Problem Repair
  •  Projector Restart Problem Repair
  •  Projector Lens Problem
  •  Projector Problem 1. Colours from projector distorted on the image
  •  Projector Problem 2. Lines / Dots on the image
  •  Projector Problem 3. Projector overheating
  •  Projector Problem 4. Projector turning on then turning off straight away
  •  Projector Problem 5. Projector on but no image
  •  Projector Problem 6. Shadows appearing on the image
  •  Projector Problem 7. A dull image being produced
  •  Projector Problem 8. Projector inputs not working
  •  Projector Problem 9. Colour around the edge of the image
  •  Projector Problem 10. Projector Lamp door switch broken
  •  Projector is not turning on when pushing the power button.
  •  Projector is not getting a signal or is not projecting the computer picture.
  •  Projector is only projecting a partial image or part of the image is cut off.
  •  The Projector powers on, but the LED light on the top is blinking.
  •  My Laptop shows full desktop but Projector is only showing Wallpaper without Icons.
  •  Service Centre Class

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